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One Cycling

Posted on: Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Pyrenees cycling tours

One cycling, a new single entity that would govern cycling in Australia.  Bloody Fantastic!

I wore the green and gold a number of times back in the day! It was an honour and though unfortunately I was part of an era where once you turned pro, that was the end of any aspirations for Olympic or Commonwealth Games representation.

It was a different matter at the worlds where often I was the only representative for Australia.  Selection was by choice, image that now!  I had to apply to CA to ride and have them fill in the forms.  There was one year when they sent me to the wrong country/city as no-one else was racing on the road and they had no idea at all where it was being held.

Cycling has changed and while everyone has a view, "One Cycling" in my opinion can only enhance the ride/race/commute/governance and advocacy for all cyclists in Australia.