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The Move in Le Tour

Posted on: Thursday, July 19, 2018

Week one has shaped up as expected. Froome’s Salbutamol levels will remain an issue, inconsistency from the authorities key. Regardless of the outcome of Le Tour the shadow of doubt will shroud his performance.

The sprints have been great and while new talent is emerging we are seeing the end of a remarkable career as Cavendish leaves le tour. Gavilia and Groenewegen are the flavor of the month while Sagan looks certain to take green with the dignity and style we expect from him.

Richie Porte, the great hope, gone. We hoped he would rise to the occasion and at least dint Sky’s domination of the Tour. A lapse in concentration perhaps but it shouldn’t happen to a team leader. I repeatedly comment on the lack of race fitness for the superstars. Richie needs to get out a bit more, get gnarly. Richie seems to play so safe in this grand race that he ends up out on his arse. Le tour is about heroics and having a go.

While the Sky train is playing the now familiar old tune I am tuning out a bit. I love cycling and watch le tour with a passion but while the mob seem happy to dance to the same old song on repeat and the cliches dominate the commentary I tune into “the move” instead.

Lance does an outstanding job, he hasn't changed but its good. 

Geraint Thomas, is racing hard and preparing for leadership but I suspect not this year. .

Degenkolb’s performance has been standout after a horrific accident early last year while the class and tenacity of Greg Van Avermaet not only to defend the Golden Fleece but to attack the race has been awesome.

With Van Avermaet in Yellow we look to history. Back in 1987 (the baby) and his dad with Greg Lemond. The story goes that his dad was such a fan of Lemond that he named his son Greg.

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